Not Another Hero Worshipper

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Well, what can I say? I am not a big fan of the virtuous man who dutifully beats up the bad guys black and blue and then goes back home to his mother and sings songs about true love and dances in the mustard field with the only woman he has ever been with. Perfection is too boring. What is the fun without a touch of malevolence in life? Thus the bad guy with scars on his body (or on his soul) becomes irresistible. Each scar has their own story and a lifetime can be spent exploring each and every one of them. Maybe he is a sadist. Maybe he likes to inflict pain on his girl just like he does on others. But maybe all he wants is someone who would welcome his pain and give him love and unquestionable loyalty in return. He has been looking for that his entire life but only received betrayal and cold touch of abandonment. All his life he has been neglected, or lied to. He has been brought up with a false identity. No one ever cared to tell him the truth. Then the moment came and he was blown away by the sudden discovery of truth. He had nothing to do but to watch his whole world crumble before his magical, twinkling eyes. Now he just wants to watch the world burn. He is so screwed up that love and hate have become the same feeling to him. He is wicked, yet there is a touch of goodness in his character. He is unfaithful, but only one person truly resides in his heart. He inflicts pain, but that’s only because he is always in pain himself. His moral compass doesn't exactly point north, but he knows how to love with true passion. And oh god, he is brilliant. His malicious mind is oozing intellect and wit. He never forgives his enemy and he will make your life a living hell. But in the end, you can’t help but admire his sinister genius. And you will miss him when he is gone.

You hate him. But isn't hate is just a twisted form of love?