New Year - So Far

So January passed in a whirlwind. And if I take that as a sign then it seems that this year is going to be quite an adrenaline fest for me. Needless to say, I am looking forward to it. However for past two weeks I was not being able to achieve the mental peace so that I could sit quietly in front of my laptop and blabber a few hundred words without much effort. However I am coming to that later. First let’s have a quick roundup of my resolutions that I had quite proudly bragged about here.

As expected, I could not keep my ‘no mindless shopping’ promise and I am already broke for this month. It is so difficult to resist the temptation with so many end-of-season sale events going on around. Although these days it is difficult to keep a count on the ‘seasons’ and the end of them. One of the ecommerce companies twisted the phrase and quite cleverly came up with the idea of ‘end of reason’. For people like us, it is truly an end of all reasons when it comes to shopping. Reader might wonder what ‘reason’ I apply when I shop. Well, I no longer care what I actually need. I have found a better way to fight my huge burden of guilt. The conversation goes something like this inside my head. Now while reading this try to picture me like the old Disney characters with an angel and a devil version of me on my each side.  
The angel me: You don’t need that dress trust me. It’s a sheer waste of money. You don’t wear 70% of the clothes you have already got. Practice some self control. Try to look beyond the materialistic aspect of life. Grow up.
The devil me: Look at yourself. You are pathetic. Your life sucks. Your job sucks. The possibility of the existence of Marvel superheroes seems more real than that of your love life. What self control are you talking about, huh? What is the point of depriving yourself of these little pleasures of life? Life is short and youth is even shorter. Stop being a whiny bitch and type the OTP.

Talking about my resolutions, quite surprisingly I got a chance to test my ‘kicking out the poisonous people’ resolution and voila, so far I have kept it. Oh it feels so good when I finally gather the courage to take a stand and face the music. Life is so much better without those who make me question my self-worth. I am my one true love and I am not going to allow anyone hurt me or belittle me in any way. I promised to read more and yet I haven’t opened a single book in 2016 yet. This I am going to take care of as soon as possible. Regarding the flirting part, either I am still not ready or the world is filled with morons and quite unfortunately I always manage to bump into one of them.

There is a not so fine line between being a sexy psychopath and being a first class pervert. I guess many people are yet to comprehend the fact. Be it our dear Loki or Sherlock, no matter how twisted and diabolical their minds are, no one can ever blame them of being sex maniacs. In fact, it is rather the total dearth of it is what makes them so irresistible to the female race. Even Joker, despite being so sinister, has been portrayed as a man with little or no tingling between his legs whatsoever. It is okay to pretend to be a sexy psycho in order to impress the opposite sex. To be honest, I would rather be with an intelligent psycho than with a boring, ‘good’ guy. But dude, don’t overdo it man. You don’t want people to throw up at you in disgust, do you?

Once again, it is proven that I attract trouble like a moth runs at and jumps into a flame. I blame it to my ‘pleasing’ personality that draws all kind of wrong people that lead to disastrous consequences thereafter. However, after countless debacles I have changed my perspective a little bit. From now on I have decided to look at them as a kaleidoscope of experience rather than mishappenings. Life takes an interesting turn with increasing share of experience.  The only and the most important trick is detachment.

So Alan Rickman is no more. From now on, every time while watching Harry Potter I am going to have a hard time coping with the fact that our dear Professor Snape is no longer with us. That beautiful baritone is lost forever. Oh what an amazing actor he was. And a great human being too. However, death is the only inevitable truth and we are all bound to serve it sooner or later.

Professor Severus Snape, as long as there is mankind, you will be in our heart. ALWAYS.

No matter how hard I study and try to remember every bit of information that might come in handy later in the examination hall, I always forget the crucial parts and end up looking like a fool. Sometimes I cannot even recall what I ate in lunch yesterday. I always forget what my basic pay is or what to write in the form that I fill up every month. On the other hand, despite practising the memory suppressing technique every now and then, I didn’t fail to remember (or that I failed to forget) that today is the birthday of my evil, narcissistic ex. Memory is a mysterious, cruel bitch.
Mr. Gilderoy Lockhart, are you listening?