What happens when one’s repetitive mannerism outgrows the person himself? In Imtiaz Ali’s case, Tamasha happens. The signature Imtiaz Ali style is so evident everywhere in the movie that sometimes the audience may wonder whether she is watching a brand new movie or simply revisiting a garbled version of Socha Na Tha, Jab We Met, Love Aaj Kal and Highway; all mangled and mixed up together. Only less cute. Because the element of surprise and freshness are gone after repetitive applications of the same formula. Confused youth? Yes. Family trouble? Yes. Nostalgia over the past? Yes. Non-linear narrative? Yes. Girlfriend-boyfriend trouble and problem of selection? Yes. Travelling as a means to self discovery? Hell yes! Then what’s new about Tamasha?

Don’t get me wrong here. I love Imtiaz Ali’s movies. I love the man himself. Oh god those sexy long mane and those twinkling eyes. And the fact that he does not make dumbass movies like Rohit Shetty. But while watching Tamasha I could not help feeling that Imtiaz tried so hard to make his point here that ultimately it is lost in the maze of too many overlapping sub-plots. The imaginative childhood, the pressure to join the rat race, the mythological similes, the pain and pathos of love, all get mixed up and become somewhat complicated and boring after some time. And the way Imtiaz walks us through Corsica in the beginning of the movie, seems too ‘un-Imtiazish’.

The plot does not seem to be a very strong one. The way Ranbir and Deepika meet in Corsica seems too forced to be coincidental. And call me boring or uptight, but I find Ranbir a bit loud and overwhelming in Corsica. The organic energy of Bunny from YJHD is missing here.  However in the later part of the movie, he is quite mind-blowing as a subdued man suffering from behavioural disorder. Ranbir needed this movie badly after his chain of debacles since YJHD. Lady luck?
I like Deepika no matter what she does or how she talks or what she wears. I am shamelessly partial about her. And I think she never disappoints her fans. She had much less scope here than Ranbir and yet she shines, sparkles and dazzles her audience. Even more than Ranbir does. As usual. And personally I can totally identify with the one-sided obsession over a man for years myself. Tara is a spitting image of me at times.
The chemistry between Ranbir and Deepika is raw and searing. Every time they kiss I could not help wondering how much of it was acting and how much of it was real. How dumb a person must be to dump a girl like Deepika for a @#$% like Katrina? However, one man’s stupidity is another man’s gain.

I LOVE A R Rahman, but the Tamasha album is highly inadequate except the Tum saath ho number. Although I love it owing to the Arijit Singh portion mainly. And most of the songs were not even that necessary.

Personally, Love Aaj Kal and Jab We Met will still remain my most favourite Imtiaz Ali movies. Nobody can depict the journey to soul searching like Imtiaz does. Nobody can depict the ‘‘journey’s end in lovers’ meeting’’ motto like Imtiaz does it. Not even stupid SRK with his stupidest, dangerous hopping on the running train scene. But neither the spontaneity of Jab We Met nor the heart-warming yearning of Love Aaj Kal is there in Tamasha.

On a different note, a debate is going on these days as who would make a better couple, Ranbir-Deepika or Ranveer-Deepika. (Still a better debate than the intolerance shit) Personally I think Ranveer-Deepika is all about passion, excitement and fiery chemistry. They are like a couple newly in love. On the other hand, Ranbir-Deepika chemistry is more like what comes next when the fire ebbs away. The friendship, dependence and a more solid emotional bonding. Like coming home to someone after a long, hard day. Fighting over the remote. Discussing a book. Perhaps sharing the same toothbrush occasionally. And then after many years, on a twilight afternoon, while taking a stroll together along a lone, empty mountain road, rediscovering the long lost chemistry all over again.