Weekend at Mocambo

Established in 1956, Mocambo was independent India's first night club, the glory of Park Street. Mocambo and its sibling Peter Cat were insignia of cosmopolitan Calcutta along with many other famous Park Street restaurants like Sky Room or Moulin Rouge. Having dinner at Mocambo used to be considered as a symbol of aristocracy. Mocambo was designed by a German architect and it used to have an Italian chef who designed its sumptuous continental menu. A 17 years old chanteuse named Pam Crain used to give live performance accompanied by Anton Menezes' band. However, gone are the days when Park Street used to be synonymous with the aristocratic class of Calcutta. Nowadays one can spot north Indian middle aged woman in ill fitted maxi dress carrying fake Chanel bag devouring prawn cocktail or some cool young manchild in shabby half pants feeding tutti frutti to his female companion dressed up like a hooker. Mocambo as well as the entire Park Street had lost the quintessential cosmopolitan charm long back thanks to the Communist party of Bengal. Mocambo had ceased to be a nightclub shortly after the Communists came to power, as dancing and all other sort of merriments seem too 'bourgeois' to our 'socialist' comrades. Many of famous Park Street places were shut down forever owing to the exorbitant taxing by our 'egalitarian', 'benevolent' previous government. However, Mocambo till date lives up to its name as the food and ambience are still great. Although I avoid going there on weekends due to the pre-mentioned crowd of cheap people.