Santa's Fantasea

I am the kind of person who lives in complete denial and always emphasizes on the good things about life. I do not prefer to read newspaper; nor do I watch the news channels. Because I know whatever is happening around the world will jeopardize my rock solid faith in true love and compassion and humanity. I do not want to know about IS terrorists or sex trafficking or mother killing her daughter. See? I still can’t escape reality. The world is a tough place for people like us to survive.

Anyway. The reason why I rambled on about my stupid nature is just to tell my readers that I only read the tabloid supplementary part of the newspaper, where life takes the fun and frolic route only. However I do not follow the section where ‘genY’ people pose for the camera looking like whores and metrosexual morons partying at ‘cool’ nightclubs. My most favourite sections are Movie (strictly Hollywood) and of course, Food. I read about Santa’s Fantasea about a month ago and immediately fell for the scrumptious menu it offered. It is a newly opened restaurant that specializes in seafood and tribal cuisine. Wherever I travel to, I always make it a point to try out the local cuisine. The outcomes are not always highly desirable, but it’s exploring the unknown part that keeps me on my toes. It is quite obvious that Santa’s Fantasea will draw my attention.

The restaurant is situated in a lane just opposite the Ramkrishna Mission Institute of Golpark. It is a very small place consisting of two rooms only. I must say there is not much parking space in front of the restaurant. Our driver went all the way to Dhakuria Bridge to avail a parking space.
We went on a Saturday afternoon and the place was fairly empty when we got there. We immediately grabbed a large table for four at the farthest corner. Although, we were only two people. We, Indians, need lots of space when we dine.

They welcomed us with complementary drinks named Tankha Turin. It is a tribal drink of Odisha made from rice and ginger. It tasted salty with a hint of ginger. It was served in tall cups made of hollow bamboo shoots that looked like beer mugs.

At first the menu made us so flabbergasted that I suggested, ‘Let’s order one item from each section!’ However the idea was not a wise one and we finally settled for Shanghai Squid, Smoked Octopus, Bansha Pora Mutton and Jadoh Rice.

Shanghai Squid was crunchy outside and juicy inside. Although I wish they did not pour red sauce so generously.

Smoked Octopus was crunchy and a bit rubbery. They did not provide knives, so I ended up looking quite foolish while tugging on the tentacles of the poor thing.

Bansha Pora Mutton is a tribal dish of Odisha. It is a mutton preparation staffed and cooked inside the hollow of green bamboo shoots. Bansha Pora Mutton has already become their signature dish. The marinated mutton gets cooked by the heated interior of the bamboo which leaves a smoked flavour to it. The mutton was soft and dry and delicious without being spicy.

Jadoh Rice is a delicacy from Meghalaya which is basically dry mutton rice. It complemented the Bansha Pora Mutton quite nicely.

We did not try any dessert this time as we were already full. S said he loves to dine out with me because I eat so less and the less I eat the more is left there for him. I said then that makes him my gastronomical soulmate.