DARK is Beautiful

Kudos to Nandita Das for doing this in the time of Yami Gautam, Arjun Rampal, John Abraham, Varun Dhawan and SRK spreading the message among the youth that you would only accomplish everything in life if you were fair. We all know that our Indian celebrities have got no morale, except a few people like Sachin Tendulkar or Kangana Ranawat. One of our 'favourite' stars once said that he could dance at anybody's wedding if he got paid for it. Not to mention our 'Dream Girl' who just a few days ago deliberately pushed a little girl to death and then blamed it on the father. Another was supporting a convicted terrorist the other day.

We got our independence in 1947, but the colonial hangover is yet to leave us and we still desperately try to look like our 'masters'. India is probably the only country where Racism is not a punishable offense. It is rather a socially accepted norm. Matrimonial columns are the biggest and most blatant proof of that, where every guy is looking for a fair bride. Fairness products capture a billion dollars market here. And that's how morons like Yami Gautam become our youth icon, who inspire us to take the fairness route to feminism. Lets not even talk about the men who are worried that their dark skin colour will hinder the process of finding suitable mates. Dear metrosexual dungheads, have you ever heard the name of Morgan Freeman? Or Will Smith? Or even Chiyan Vikram?

Firstly, no amount of fairness cream can make one fair. It is scientifically and biologically impossible. Period.
Secondly, why every one is so afraid to flaunt their natural self? Yes, I am dark. But I have no inferiority complex about my complexion. I have nothing against fair people. I think every one is beautiful in one's own way. But if you come to advise me that I should start using fairness cream, I will ask you very politely to go fuck yourself.
Thirdly, since when physical beauty became the ultimate yardstick of one's accomplishment and character? If that were the case then Hema Malini would have won the Nobel prize, not Mother Teresa.

Miss Gautam, India is full of innumerable talented, intelligent women who did not have to take the '7 days fairness challenge' to pave their way to success. So please stop misguiding young girls. However given your career graph you can not afford to be all Erin Brockovich and if you stopped promoting fairness cream you would probably end up jobless.

A few decades ago, my fairly fair father married my dark skinned, educated, beautiful mother and she gave birth to a dark skinned baby girl. My grandmother was upset seeing her dark, ugly granddaughter and told my mom that my family was going to have a hard time marrying this one off. Unfortunately she did not live long enough to see my journey. If she were here today, I am sure she would have been proud of her dark, little granddaughter. And the question of marriage? Lets just say my mom thinks I have got too many boyfriends and that's just spoiling me. However, I personally believe that I am a complete, content person on my own and I don't need a man's appraisal to validate my existence.
Enough said?

Be dark. Be beautiful. And above all, be unapologetically proud of who you are. You owe yourself that much.