Transformers: Age Of Extinction

Last weekend we went to see the fourth installment of the Transformers franchise. It was a longgg movie (2hours 45 minutes). This time Optimus Prime fights against some crazy ex CIA guys who were also working for a Transformer bounty hunter named Lockdown,. Mark Wahlberg plays the role of the human hero besides Optimus Prime. I love Mark Wahlberg, but he didn’t have much to do in this movie except for playing an anxious father to a teenage girl. Disappointment, eh. I liked Stanley Tucci's performance more. He played a corporate scientist who made Galvatron using Megatron's body parts. Story and screenplay were average, but the special effects were splendid and they felt even more awesome in 3D.

This is what I wore to the movie. I still haven’t got the confidence to stand in the middle of a road and pose freely. Hence the terrace came to rescue. And luckily, it was not raining that time. These days it is raining a lot in Calcutta. Most of the time I’m sitting home idle or going to office in ugly wash-proof shoes and loose cotton trousers.

Dress: Anasazi
Love necklace: Globus
Eye necklace: Accessorize
Bracelet: Ivory tag (?)

Peep toes: Inc. 5


  1. Hey Kuheli! I am so glad I came across this. I used to read 'Shadows & Sequins'. :) Its a funny story how I landed here. :P You had liked an instagram picture of someone I follow and it just clicked that you are the same Kuheli from Shadows and Sequins. :) So, I checked on insta that you now blog here. :)

    1. Hi. Sorry for the late reply. Im glad u found me. It's a small world after all, eh? I had sort of got bored of talking abt lipstick n moisturiser and shut that blog down. Life has gone through lots of changes in the meantime. Anyways. Welcome to my new blog. How r u doing? :-)


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