To play or not to play

There are two types of Indian. Those who love to play Holi. And those who love all the fun and frolic and festivity, but stay the hell away from the colors. I, needless to say, fall into the second category. Every year, all those beauty magazines, newspapers, tabloids will start bragging about holi and how to take precautions and how to play a safe holi blah blah blah. I don't get your point man. If those colors are not at all safe for our skin or hair, if they contain so many poisonous chemicals, what is the point of playing with them?  Oh what did you say? Organic colors? You must be one of those snooty elite class columnist or those wannabe writers who also advise us to apply '3 tsp of strawberry paste and 1tsp of yoghurt' in order to fight pimples. In my entire non-elite ordinary life, I have never seen people playing holi with turmeric or with dried n' crushed rose petals. Believe me, those who want to play, will play anyways. They don't care about hair or skin or nails. And although I don't play myself, I admire their carefree attitude.

Now, when it comes to holi, how can we not talk about the food part. To me, holi means those yummy gujiyas, and laddoos. And not to forget, the best part, thandai, or what we Bong call it, bhang er sherbet. Thandai is probably the best non-alcoholic beverage to get high minus the hangover. And it tastes oh so yummy! :P

Next on my list would be holi fashion. I absolutely LOVE those white chikon kurtas! They are gorgeous and comfortable and so classy. But please don't ruin it by playing holi. It would be a fashion crime. Instead of that, put on your shabby old tshirt and old pair of pjs and go out. You are no showing-off C grade celeb that your post-holi pics will be posted on page three.

This came on last Saturday's t2. In spite of the lifeless expression of the model and t2's rather elitist and impractical suggestions, I loved the outfits. Especially the rainbow dupatta. By the way, for the love of god, stop mentioning that old bollywood movie that glorifies infidelity and relationship hangover. Yeah I am talking about Silsila. So cliche.

Found this on a nail-art blog. Holi special nail-art.

Happy holi! :)